Monday, 12 November 2018

Manchester - Birmingham - London

Teenage Faclub's Manchester residency was a hoot, despite my playing keyboards with oven gloves on the odd occasion. Last song on the last night was a rare version of Take The Skinheads Bowling. All the more rare for being accidentally in the wrong key. Allegedly.

I was struck by a painting (not literally) in the Manchester Art Gallery. Apparently Richard Neville, the 16th Early Of Warwick, vowed to fight to the death at the Battle Of Towton. Here he is killing his horse so he can't flee the battlefield:

How's that for knowing your mind? I can be paralysed with indecision as to whether to have tea or coffee.

And I thought this Feminist take on the Grand Tour was brilliant:

Before our Mancunian finale, me and Norman sloped off to the cinema to catch this...

Loved it. Dave had already seen it and assured me I'd be youtub-ing Queen's full set at Live Aid. And he wasn't wrong.

On the drive to Brum Norman came up with an idea for a sandwich shop. Bohemian Wraps All Day. Don't groan at the messenger.

The Birmingham shows were fandabbydozy. Last song on the third night was "Like A Virgin" with Brendan thumping the tubs. Not sure the band have ever played that live.

This materialised backstage.

O wad some Power the giftie gie us / To see oursels as ithers see us
Looks like we've all got Lenny-Henry-as-David-Bellamy-on-TISWAS beards.

Speaking of art.... I love Birmingham Art Gallery. And not just for the fish and chips in the Edwardian Tearoom.

Among other things I like the painting Mount Civette by Elijah Walton. Not sure why. Hard to articulate. Something to do with its scale. And what it must have conveyed to folk back home (with no TV cos it hadn't been invented yet) who would never travel abroad. And the Grand Tour tradition. And A Room With A View. And Hotel Du Lac. And familiarity. And - I'm havering now. 

(Meanwhile a wee snap taken with my phone camera doesn't quite do it justice.)
Loved this too.

I ate Balti (when in Rome).

And now we're in London. I've had a mooch in the National Gallery...

If I had a nose like that I wouldn't ask to be painted in profile (cue heckler: "What do you mean "if"?")
...steak frites in Joe Allen's... and I popped for a discounted ticket for the 3rd instalment of Pinter At The Pinter which was, at turns, good and great; moving and funny.

Powerful cast: Keith Allen, Lee Evans, Tamsin Greig, Meera Syal and Tom Edden. 

I hardly ever get to see live theatre.

Three Fanclub shows in London this week. 

Then home to finish up some music for TV.



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