Monday, 22 January 2018

Neoclassical Cardigan Baroque Pop

Exciting weekend.

On Friday night Margherita Taylor gave a track from my "Hamilton Mausoleum Suite" album a spin on Classic FM.

On Saturday I got to show off my line in knitwear in The Herald newspaper:

Woolly tie & cardigan by Next & River Island, coat by Cancer Research UK shop, Byres Rd, Glasgow.
Link to article here

Earlier in the week Clash Magazine premiered "Beam" from the album citing "innate invention and sweet emotional pull". Ocht. Nice of them.

Next Wed 24th Jan I'll be on BBC Radio Scotland talking to Janice Forsyth (forsooth!)

And next Friday Jan 26th the album will finally be released...

You can still order (signed) CDs or limited heavyweight vinyl LPs -  and Digital Download - here.

In other news, you can order Ciara Maclaverty's new poetry pamphlet here.

The esteemed Liz Lochhead says of Ciara's work:
These poems – in the voice of a woman, a mother, a good neighbour of the here-and-now are light-but-deep, often funny, always generous, accessible, inclusive, deeply humane, celebrating small things that say some very big things indeed.
(Liz's own Desert Island Discs episode is a crackin' listen btw.)

I recently re-watched "Raiders Of The Lost Ark". Something jumped out at me.

I keep listening to this after hearing it on Classic FM.

And before I go, click here to find the secret of eternal happiness.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

To Tom Cruise...Signed, Squiggle MacSquiggle

Yikes. I've been signing some Hamilton Mausoleum Suite LPs (limited edition, heavyweight vinyl) for mail order...

You can still click to order CDs/LPs here.

My interview with the Skinny is now on-line here.

The other day I was interviewed by John Toal on BBC Ulster's Classical Connections Show. You can hear me gab from around 1 hour 27 mins - link here.

And if you have the STV player app, you can watch my interview on STV2's "Live At 7.30" show here (from around 3mins 30). Learn the truth about my phone calls with Tom Cruise.

But enough about me.

The other day I attended the Blueprint night of Scottish DIY short films at the good ol' GFT. OK, OK - I was there because this was being shown, but the whole night was great. Special mention goes to Daniel Cook's indescribable "The Kind And I". Here's a clip  - but if you ever get the chance to see the whole shebang on a big screen - see it.

Oh - if you missed The Story Of Scotdisc, it's a hoot. There are 17 days left to watch as I type...

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

"Sounds Like A Record"

On Friday 12th Jan I'll be on STV 2's "Live At 7.30" yakking' about my (released on Jan 26th).

"Sublime" 7/10 (Uncut)
"Stirring, solemn beauty"     (Mojo)
“Exquisite” (The Skinny)
“Captivating” (Vents Magazine)
“Wonderful” (A Closer Listen)

Pre-order it on CD/LP here.

In other news, I saw The Beguiled and dug it.

Inside Number 9 - Bernie Clifton's dressing Room = wow.

The hits just keep on coming.

I caught up with some vintage Tom Baker Dr Who-ing recently with this curio. Hooray for those 70s TV production values.

Bob has so many gems you forget for years and then trip over. Like this.

Talking of Bob - I love this kind of stuff:

Twitter introduced me to this Seamus Heaney poem.

Btw - here's a wee interview I did with The Skinny...


Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Waltzin' Into January

It's January...

Stuff I have recently consumed:

The return of The League Of Gentlemen;
Three quarters (so far) of  City Of The Death;
Peter Capaldi's last hurrah;
One third of Trouble In Mind (thanks, Santa);
The first episode of Little Women;
A wee bit too much festive food.

I'm looking forward to the new series of Inside Number Nine.

And I wouldn't say no to the addition of a Glasgow date on Bob's new European tour.

Talking of too much food, btw, Glaswegians who have not tried Chaakoo Bombay Cafe - I can recommend it...

On Jan 11th you can see this short musical doc on the big screen at the GFT as part of their Blueprint: Scottish Independent Shorts event:

My new album "Hamilton Mausoleum Suite", recorded with brilliant soloists from the Scottish Festival Orchestra, is released on CD/LP/DL on Friday 26th January.
"Transporting Chamber Music" ★ ★ ★ ★ (Mojo)
"Sublime" 7/10 (Uncut)
You can pre-order it here.

You can join my mailing list here.


Wednesday, 27 December 2017

"Sublime...quietly lovely" 7/10 (UNCUT)

Aww... nice Christmas present from Uncut (following on from 4 stars in Mojo):


You can pre-order "Hamilton Mausoleum Suite" on CD or heavyweight vinyl here.

And if you haven't seen it, here's a short film about the album, directed by Charlie Francis:

And now I shall make like Mr. Beebe.
"Mr. Beebe, while social resources were endless, went out to order some tea..."

Friday, 15 December 2017

"Miss Bartlett was unequal to the bath..."

I keep thinking about this...

Amazing film in my 'umble opining.

I was in good ol' London town this week for stuff. If I have free time I like to pop in to the National Gallery.

Three cheers for Canaletto.

I know - my phone-photo is somehow *better* than the original painting...
I saw Paddington in Paddington and took the opportunity to tell him how much I loved his work (Paddington 2 is a better sequel than The Godfather II).
Bear barely bare.
And I stopped the TARDIS from falling over in BBC Television Centre.

If you want to catch up with "The Force: The Story Of Scotland's Police" you can do so here. Worth it for archive footage of football hooliganism hyperbolically narrated by Archie "Apocalypse Now" Macpherson. And the best graffiti ever; directed at Frankie Vaughn and daubed by the hand of a defiant, chib-inclined native of Easterhouse  I enjoyed providing the music for this series.

Tomorrow is the last episode of Best Laid Plans on Channel 4; another series I've enjoyed creating music for. Stop me if I'm boring you.

I am giving this a go:

It's a demure hoot.
...She looked around as much to say, 'Are you all like this?'...
 ...The clergyman, inwardly cursing the female sex, bowed and departed with her message...
...'My dear,' said the old man gently, 'I think that you are repeating what you have heard older people say. You are pretending to be touchy...Now, this was abominably impertinent, and she ought to have been furious. But it is sometimes as difficult to lose one's temper as it is difficult at other times to keep it... 
Oh, if you want to purchase some Camera Obscura-related art for a good cause - click here.

You can buy "Bonjour" my album with Harry Pye here.

And you can pre-order my "Hamilton Mausoleum Suite" album here.

Carry on up the Khyber.