Monday, 15 April 2019

Teenage Fanclub in Berlin, Hamburg, Osnabrück, Amsterdam

So I made it out of Germany without turning into a schnitzel...

...or focaccia with gorgonzola and zucchini for that matter....

And don't get me started on the currywurst...

In Berlin before our first show I paid a visit to the Gemäldegalerie which was great. I do like a bit of Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Canaletto an' that.

I can't not see a young Billy Connolly in yon lion's face.

What a sneaky wee glance
Might get this as a tattoo.

Berlin TFC aftershow party.

A fellow schnitzelophile

"Wim, could you put your hat on for the portraitist? - oh too late, he's started..."

Our first show since North Carolina was dandy...

Hamburg was great too. We played "Baby Lee" for my pal Jana who was visiting from Glasgow, and Norman spoke a little German (he said "glockenspiel").

Ösnabruck was grand.

Before our set I caught the end of the last song by Fortuna Ehrenfeld and I have been re-playing it since.

I've been trying out a new disguise.

I've been catching up with Fleabag in the tour van, and listening to Robert Forster's new album. (Two things I have learned on this tour. Dave McGowan played drums on a Go-Betweens song and Roger De Courcey manages Rick Wakeman.)

The Moco Museum, Amsterdam was a groovy way to kill time before soundcheck.

I had some nice calamari and a stroll around. The Paradiso is a great venue and the gig was a blast.

A last week look around...

...and we rolled out of town.