Friday, 17 February 2017

Oslo to Stockholm to Helsinki


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OK. You heard it here first...

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Meanwhile Teenage Fanclub continue to roll through Europe.

Bergen was beautiful:


In fact the drive to Bergen was beautiful.

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Well done, Norway. Best crisps in the world.

The Bergen gig was a bit of a blur (shut it.)
Norwegian sweets
Norwegian bananas
Oslo window shopping. A lesser man would make a joke about Pianist Envy. But not me.
Second best crisps in the world.
Romantic No Entry sign, Stockholm.
Quality window display.
Twas a beautiful day in the capital of Sweden.
Dave considers some stage diving.
Changes his mind.
Och - would you look at this wee fellow.
Chocolate wrapper straight out of Central Casting.
Loved this hotel - Seurahuone, Helsinki 

Kiitos, Helsinkians!

Couldn't Finnish this beer. (Editor's Note: Brilliant, Francis!)
Now we are back in Deutschland.


PS: UK/Europe if you pre-order "Bonjour" on i-tunes you'll get an mp3 of this right now:

Sunday, 12 February 2017


First of all, a reminder that if you like this:

...or this: can pre-order the new album here.

Here is a fun video.

The Teenage Fanclub bandwagon rolls on. Here is the view from my bunk on the tour bus:

Berlin venue
"O would some power the gift to gie us..."
" see ourselves as others see us."

Monkey Lightstand, Berlin.
"I hear you do good schnitzels here. Hmm? Oh you're a hairdressers..."
"Short back and sides, please. I'll put gel in it myself later."
Job done. Auf wiedersehen!
When in Rome and all that... *burp*
Schnitzel + excellent wine glass, Hamburg.
Hamburg venue.
Stairs onto the stage in HAMBURG.
Copenhagen venue.
Exotic crisps.
Danish baking...
Downing tools in Copenhagen (I didn't get a photo of our stage dancer...)
Tour bus view.
Window shopping, Bergen.
Norwegian fish & chips?
Pre-soundcheck, Bergen.
And now: I am reading "The Diving-Bell & The Butterfly" and trying to overdose on crisps.

Tonight should be fun.


Tuesday, 7 February 2017


Teenage Fanclub  kicked off our European run with shows in Paris and Amsterdam. 

C'etait tres bien.

At the airport train station near the ticket machine a fellow was playing Bach prelude in C Major on a public piano. Which was nice.

I don't know much about public art but I know what I like.
Norman's back in Paris.
Tunnock's Teacakes spotted backstage (thanks, Debbie).

Cheeky wee glass of Bordeaux afore the gig? Och, I don't...
Och, Paris, you're spoiling me now.
Actually no - you're alright. Merci anyway.
Entente Cordiale
Dutch sweeties. If they're good enough for Tony...
I toddled along to the Rijksmuseum for a gander.

Vermeer's The little Street was smaller than I thought it would be, despite the title.
Van Gogh self-portrait; apparently it was cheaper than paying a model to sit.
I was a bit disappointed with Rembrandt's The Night Watch up close.
Norman's back in Amsterdam
Norman encouraged me to try this. Well I couldn't just stick my head in the sand.
In other news...

Harry Pye emailed me to say he met David Hockney and told him about this piece of music:

And The Hock-meister signed something for me. Yay.

Harry Pye and me have a new album, "Bonjour", coming out. "Isle Of Capri" is a wee taster.

Pre-order our album here.

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