Thursday, 18 May 2017

Awards Schmawards

Last night I attended the Royal Television Scotland Awards in Glasgow.

The Dunblane documentary directed by Stephen Bennett (for which I provided the music) was nominated. It didn't win but I was chuffed for other winners including Louise Lockwood (Director Of The Year) and Jonathan Seale (Editor) - and the great Billy Connolly. Billy received the RTS Scotland Award and sent a nice filmed message of thanks from Florida.

Robbie Coltrane and Gok Wan were in attendance but neither of them approached me for a selfie. Weird.

I remember Gok Wan being a good guest on Desert Island Discs a few years ago. He tells a beautiful story about his parents - his dad in particular - accepting his sexuality.

More recently if you haven't heard Liz Lochead on the same show - I highly recommend it.

Did I mention Bob Dylan was amazing in Glasgow last week? Well he was.

Films I have dug include:



And finally, Cyril?

And finally, Esther....

I've been doing music for a new ad but I can't tell you who for. Wish I could give you a lidl clue.


Wednesday, 3 May 2017

I Feel Like A Record That's Scratched

Those nice people at Clash magazine have premiered a new video by Gordon Beswick for "I Feel Like A record That's Scratched" - a track from the forthcoming album "Bonjour" my me and Harry Pye.

When Harry sent me the words, the music seemed to flow quite easily.

This track features Kevin Eldon impersonating Richard Attenborough in Brighton Rock...

Pre-order now on CD/LP/Digital (get some songs right now on i-tunes).

I liked The Handmaiden.

I discovered a smashing piece by Messiaen thanks to C Duncan on BBC Scotlands' Classics Unwrapped here.

I've watched Episode 1, Series 1 of Line Of Duty. No spoilers!

I am writing music for a top secret TV project.

I've got my ticket to see Bob Dylan this weekend.

Em...please, Father, that is all I can remember.

Voice of Priest: "Say two hail marys and make a good act of contrition."