Friday, 23 September 2011

"Maculate Conceptions Volume 2"

OK so I am releasing "Maculate Conceptions Volume 2", the second and final instalment of instrumental tracks recorded on my MacBook while Teenage Fanclub toured Europe in Nov/Dec 2010.

Buy it here. 

The first track is called "Weissenhauser". Here is a video with footage shot in Brazil:

Random things I have recently enjoyed - New Yorker article on Tony Bennett recording with Lady Gaga...Martin Clunes on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs...The Moth podcast...a plain chocolate bounty.

Rock on.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Is it September already?

Hello. Yes I am still here.

Since I last blogged I had this photo of my wee boy strolling by the side of Glasgow's new Riverside Museum (designed by Zaha Hadid) published in the Herald newspaper:

I liked then loved Chris Lilley's Angry Boys:

I baked some cakes - Torta De Santiago, Orange & almond, Eggless Pineapple (I substituted the Cardamom Powder with Nutmeg & Cinnamon) and a disastrous banana oaf, I mean loaf. Or do I?

Oh - and I was turned onto this. And now I am turning you onto it (wish Ben Dunlap was my professor):

I am re-reading the powerful Maus book(s).

I have been making some mainly instrumental music. I did write a wee song called "Hey Pumpkin". I'll let you imagine how it goes for now.

I saw Almodovar's "The Skin I Live In":

Yikes. 2 thumbs up from me. Although my favourite Pedro A opus remains "Talk To Her".

Teenage Fanclub played a festival last month in Aranda Del Duero, Spain. Good wine country there apparently. I like wine. I like Spain.

More things I like? All in good time, my child.