Monday, 25 January 2016

This n that

Last week I saw "Listen To Me Marlon":

I dug it. Especially his thoughts on acting ("make them stop chewing...")

I am well into BBC's War And Peace:

I heard this on the wireless (had to google 'eclogue') and thought it was worth another listen. Lovely:

I am working on music for a TV thing.

Don't forget you can vote for "January Waltz" in Classic FM's Hall Of Fame here (ooh, go on...)

Celtic Connections beckons this week....

Tinkety-Tonk, old fruit.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Blessed Brian

I have finished Brian Blessed's book and I loved it. Here he is on Queen's soundtrack for Flash Gordon:

"Queen did one hell of a job and it should have won them an Oscar, or at the very least a BAFTA. No doubt about it. If you don't agree with me, go and kick yourself up the bloody arse. You're wrong!"

His affectionate words about the sherpas of Nepal are also quite something. I read them just after seeing this great doc:

So it's January. And you can vote for this in the Classic FM Hall Of Fame:

Here is the link to vote if you feel so inclined...

Oh and here is the trailer to a short film that I was glad to work on. Keep your eyes peeled for any screenings...

Message ends.

Friday, 8 January 2016

Egyptian Sand Dance

Toast Of London with Bob Monkhouse and the Egyptian Sand Dance. Now that's what I call entertainment.

My new Songwriting Workshop is set to resume June 14th at Glasgow University Centre For Open Studies. Scroll to page 46 here.

Thanks for the play this morning Classic FM:

"Music or String Quartet, Piano & Celeste" will be released in the US via Redeye Distribution on Feb 19th. So yay.

I liked Mark Ruffalo in Infinitely Polar Bear. I understand criticism that it sanitises mental health issues, but I thought there were good things about this film. Call me crazy. Just kidding.

I dug Alan Bennett on Private Passions talking about Liz Taylor sitting on his knee and William Walton's wife looking "like Samuel Beckett in drag."

I intend giving this a go. Wish me luck.

Monday, 4 January 2016

2016 - golly

Happy New Year. How's by you?

Me? Och a wee chest cold but I'm not one to complain.

My Christmas present of Brian Blessed's Memoir "Absolute Pandemonium" continues to inspire, but I've had to have a pause in proceedings:

"Before I start this chapter I must ask you a question: have you seen the film Flash Gordon?  If you haven't I strongly suggest that you pop off now and watch it before continuing. In fact, I must insist..."

Meanwhile I enjoyed Sherlock. Lots of folk seem to be having a pop but hey ho. And as for the first episode of the BBC's War And Peace - I'm in.

But I really appreciated (enjoyed would be incorrect) "Leningrad & The Orchestra That Defied Hitler". Amazing, compelling TV. The accounts of survivors of the siege of the city were horrific. And the power of the music and what it meant to them....

In other news, I caught the 'Sponsored by Digby Brown' idents at the top of Beowulf last night featuring my music. I'd been working on that before christmas - nice to hear it on the telly.

Oh and be quick - I have two albums temporarily discounted on i-tunes:


And that's all I have to say.