Saturday, 31 December 2011

Rumours of my demise are premature. Hello.

Things I have fairly recently enjoyed? Hmm...well....


And this:

And that:

Other stuff: "A Christmas Carol" (late to the party; first time I'd read it)... BBC 4's David Hockney special... "I Took The Moon For A Walk" (children's book)...clips of Victoria Wood's "Acorn Antiques"..."The Joy Of Country" on BBC 4...making instrumental music for films... hearing a cover of one of my (unreleased) songs by The Dahlmanns...

Recent groovy and/or fun iphone apps:
BBC iplayer
Nav Free
Dragon Dictation

Resolutions for 2012? Do more creative suff as time allows. Send some handwritten letters. Finish my album of songs. Learn some new recipes. Invent a new, eco-friendly source of energy to which the global oil-based economy can easily adapt. Practice piano.

Speaking of the piano, I like this:

Right. That's it. Move along - nothing to see here.