Thursday, 14 February 2019

Perth and Melbourne

We flew from Osaka to Perth...

It's Rolf.
Perth was warm. I could have fried an egg on my forehead. But I didn't.

I visited the Art Gallery of Western Australia (Freud, Rodin, Lowry, Rolf Harris (just kidding))...

I had a wee wander around the harbour...

...and ate some lovely eat-what-you-want-pay-what-is-in-your-heart vegetarian food here.

"Evening, Francis. The usual?"
Splendid cheesy-cakey thing here.
Don't tell my dentist.
The gig was groovy.

Then we were off to Melbourne for 2 x shows.

Heavy Metal II from the first album got a rare outing on the second night.

I ate splendid Italian food, rode the tram, drank flat whites, picked up some lingo (ask me to do something I am capable of and I will respond, "Too easy"), caught up with family, which included a slap-up at a Yarra Valley winery and some free laundry, strolled through Fitzroy Gardens past Cook's House to Saint Patrick's Cathedral, saw a possum and visited the good ol' NGV.

Portrait of George Clooney by Tracey Emin 

Might take this pic to my barber for reference next visit.

Gilot and Picasso

Cook's Cottage - shipped brick by numbered brick from Yorkshire and reassembled. He never lived there.

Miriam and Daniel - together at last.
In other news:

I was interviewed for this BBC Radio 4 doc about composing for screen.

This film looks like good fun:

Oh and hang on a minute - what's all THIS about?