Sunday, 24 June 2018

Tracyanne & Danny (and me ) in NY

So last week I was in NY to see Tracyanne & Danny at the Williamsburg Hall Of Music.

Another great show.

The esteemed Laura Cantrell came along but I forgot to get a selfie.

Laura's pal Rachel Liebling (daughter of Jerome Liebling) recommended I attend this Vintage NY photography exhibition featuring the work of David and Sandra Weiner. I loved it.

T&D also recorded a session for Gaylord Fields at WFMU, going out sometime after 8pm, Eastern Time on Sunday 24th June.

I ate pizza slices and cheesecake, oxtail ragu, street tacos - and fruit salad.

At Bamonte's I got 'my usual' (i.e. for the third time in 10 years). Meatballs & spaghetti, glass of house red. The owner showed us the table where Joe DiMaggio used to sit.

On the flight over I listened to this, which was a bit emotional:

I wandered round Brooklyn.

I met up with my ol' pal Michael Shelley for a wee Cheeky Monkey reunion and we want to MOMA.

We had clam chowder in the Grand Central Station oyster bar .

Last time I was there I was in the company of Tracyanne Campbell and Carey Lander.

I bade the T&D crew farwell at the Rough Trade record store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn...

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...and off they went to conquer Massachusetts.

I flew back to Manchester and had some time to kill before getting my train.  I got a tram out to Media City to visit The Lowry. I was just too late to hear this in situ:

I watched this and loved it.

This is still genius.

If you are swithering (to use a good Scottish phrase) about catching Tracyanne & Danny live on their North American tour - swither no more. Band are sounding great.

Get on the case now before it's too late -

I'm off to walk around Glasgow city centre, stepping out in front of taxis saying, "Hey I'm walking here!" and that kind of thing.

Oh and the world cup is on, of course.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Happy Halloween

Tell your pals. Tracyanne & Danny tour North America THIS MONTH in support of their acclaimed new album:
"Magnificent" 9/10 -Uncut

"A tender and crisply realised collection of panoramic pop” -The Guardian

Jun 15     Durham, NC – Motorco

We all had a ball making the ghostly new video for "It Can't Be Love", directed by the mighty Ed Dougherty and his team.

Many props sourced locally including a reel to reel tape recorder + candlesticks from The Barras - and also a cowboy hat picked up in an interesting shop in San Francisco a few years ago...

In other news I loved "A Very English Scandal" and I am loving Never Mind by Edward St Aubyn. Finally reading it after reading this a while ago.

Rupert Everett (son of Kenny - just kidding) deserves a big pat on the back for this...

Oh and get this watched if you can.

Or just watch this...

Friday, 1 June 2018

Hello June!

OK. So it's June...

I saw The Rutles in Glasgow last week. Loved it.

This week I had a wee trip to the beautiful city of Bristol to catch the live debut of Tracyanne & Danny, promoting "your new favourite album".

First gig was a corker.
Tracyanne & Danny at The Lantern, Bristol
Then they conquered London.

Soundcheck - Oslo, London
Gig - Oslo, London
I had a wee wander around Tate Modern...

I walked over the Millennium Bridge past St Paul's...

Thence to Rough Trade East in-store which was dandy.

Rough Trade East instore - soundcheck
Rough Trade instore - gig
I also got a wee tour of the local area so now I know where Gilbert & George live. I decided not to knock on their door and tell them that their show in Dublin induced my 9 year-old to declare, "My brian hurts", although they might have liked that.

Then it was upwards and onwards for an emotional show in Glasgow.

Emotional soundcheck - St Luke's, Glasgow
Emotional gig - St Luke's Glasgow
Nice to have Edwyn blinking' Collins onstage for a vocal cameo during "Alabama" (!!!)

Then home and up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire.

Calling all people of (the east coast of) America!! Tell your pals: Tracyanne & Danny are coming your way this month:

Jun 15     Durham, NC – Motorco

AND they play Electric Fields in Scotland in September (*cough* as do Teenage Fanclub *cough*)...

So there you have it.

Tinkety-tonk, old fruit, and down with the nazis!