Saturday, 18 June 2016

See Me, See Baroque Music...?

So, The Cottier Chamber Project. In my never-ending journey to find out more about music I know very little about I'd been hoping to make it along to more performances at this festival. But with one thing and another (one thing being a debilitating muscle injury picked up at the local school sports day dad's race - but enough about that) so far I've only managed along to a few of the smashing wee (free) lunchtime baroque concerts at St. Simon's Church, Partick.

Concerto Caledonia gave several lovely performances of pieces by Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre including this as a wee encore on Thursday....

And on Friday L'ENSEMBLE MAGNÉTIS put on a cracking show. They like to bob and weave about while playing and lead violin/conductor Sébastien BOUVEYRON's introduction to they encore of this Kurt Weill tango, written in  exile in France, was as good an argument for voting Remain - in terms of cross-cultural co-operation - as anything else I've heard recently:

(Here's an articulate economic argument for voting Remain too, btw.)

When I listen to classical music I like to figure out what I can borrow as a composer *adjusts cravat*. Meanwhile I've been making music for a new TV quiz show. How would a 17th century composer approach the perfect Buzzer sound?

On Tuesday I saw "Love And Friendship". Fun, well-cast, nice locations, good music. (Watch out, Barry Norman).

Over 2k plays for this. Hooray.

Oh and look at this. I'm could have sworn my email said something about us all dressing like The Pogues...

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Hamish Henderson, Ken Loach an' that

Hey, it's June.

So I saw this film and dug it:

I saw THIS film and dug it:

A new Teenage Fanclub song got a spin on 6music today...

US magazine The Big Take Over gave "Music For String Quartet, Piano & Celeste" a nice review:

And Newbury Comics have just - oh, it's sold out.