Tuesday, 25 July 2017

"Odd but good"

Teenage Fanclub played the Deer Shed festival in Thirsk in Yorkshire last week.

It was a nice way to round out the long bout of touring since the release "Here".

I exchanged nods with John Shuttleworth and contemplated buying a cigar box guitar. Twas a very family-friendly affair. Someone told me the punters were 45% children. Gotta get the next generation of music fans on message...

Meanwhile in Bonjour Land avec Harry Pye; Mojo gave us 4 stars and called our album "odd but good"...

...so Vic Reeves rushed out a bought a copy...

Bonjour, Vic.
...and so did Peter Blake
Bonjour, Peter.
There's a wee promo film here.

You can order a signed Bonjour on CD or LP here.

It's also on Amazon, Spotify and i-tunes (links here) - and all good music shops, of course...

In other news I liked The Big Sick...

If you are in Glasgow and find yourself at Chelsea Market (someone was treating me) I recommend the halibut. (All together now - "That piece of halibut was good enough for...")

A propos of nothing a wee Alex Chilton memory came into my head today. I was once talking to him about all the different strings he had to his bow - solo stuff, Big Star reunion, Boxtops, producing, etc. and he said, "Yeah - a friend of mine once told me, 'You're the only person I know with fame and fortune to fall back on'".

Tune in to BBC One next Monday 31st July for "Orkney - When The Boat Comes In" - a wee gem of a doc for which I was chuffed to provide the music.

Oh! and "Cash Trapped" is back next Monday too. It was fun working on the music for that. But no - I'm afraid I still never got to meet Bradley...

Tuesday, 18 July 2017


I've got a new party trick to practise.

Harry Pye recently blogged about reactions to our "old-fashioned...delightful...quirky" album "Bonjour" here.

Our album in Tokyo earlier this year
Links to order a signed LP or CD or (download or stream or whatever) here.

Vic Reeves loves it so much he was prepared to hold it for  couple of seconds while someone took his photo.

Recent films wot I seen and enjoyed:

Teenage Fanclub play Deer Shed Festival this week. Yay.

If you missed Sue Perkins on Desert Island Discs, I can recommend it.

Friday, 7 July 2017


At long last - Bonjour is released today...

...on i-tunes, Spotify, Amazon and all good record shops in UK/Europe.

I signed some CDs & LPs for Monorail Music in Glasgow today.

Here's a wee promo film about "Bonjour".

And here are some videos of tracks:

100% Art pop guaranteed. All deals are final.

I just got back from a few days on Islay. Nice to get a bit of this...

If you haven't got your copy of The Next Big Thing yet, you'd better be quick.

I'm digging Tom Baker's autobiography - he's been a monk and a solider and is just about to start acting.