Tuesday, 25 July 2017

"Odd but good"

Teenage Fanclub played the Deer Shed festival in Thirsk in Yorkshire last week.

It was a nice way to round out the long bout of touring since the release "Here".

I exchanged nods with John Shuttleworth and contemplated buying a cigar box guitar. Twas a very family-friendly affair. Someone told me the punters were 45% children. Gotta get the next generation of music fans on message...

Meanwhile in Bonjour Land avec Harry Pye; Mojo gave us 4 stars and called our album "odd but good"...

...so Vic Reeves rushed out a bought a copy...

Bonjour, Vic.
...and so did Peter Blake
Bonjour, Peter.
There's a wee promo film here.

You can order a signed Bonjour on CD or LP here.

It's also on Amazon, Spotify and i-tunes (links here) - and all good music shops, of course...

In other news I liked The Big Sick...

If you are in Glasgow and find yourself at Chelsea Market (someone was treating me) I recommend the halibut. (All together now - "That piece of halibut was good enough for...")

A propos of nothing a wee Alex Chilton memory came into my head today. I was once talking to him about all the different strings he had to his bow - solo stuff, Big Star reunion, Boxtops, producing, etc. and he said, "Yeah - a friend of mine once told me, 'You're the only person I know with fame and fortune to fall back on'".

Tune in to BBC One next Monday 31st July for "Orkney - When The Boat Comes In" - a wee gem of a doc for which I was chuffed to provide the music.

Oh! and "Cash Trapped" is back next Monday too. It was fun working on the music for that. But no - I'm afraid I still never got to meet Bradley...

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