Friday, 8 January 2016

Egyptian Sand Dance

Toast Of London with Bob Monkhouse and the Egyptian Sand Dance. Now that's what I call entertainment.

My new Songwriting Workshop is set to resume June 14th at Glasgow University Centre For Open Studies. Scroll to page 46 here.

Thanks for the play this morning Classic FM:

"Music or String Quartet, Piano & Celeste" will be released in the US via Redeye Distribution on Feb 19th. So yay.

I liked Mark Ruffalo in Infinitely Polar Bear. I understand criticism that it sanitises mental health issues, but I thought there were good things about this film. Call me crazy. Just kidding.

I dug Alan Bennett on Private Passions talking about Liz Taylor sitting on his knee and William Walton's wife looking "like Samuel Beckett in drag."

I intend giving this a go. Wish me luck.

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