Monday, 19 October 2015

Willy Wonka, Prisons, etc.

I saw Willy Wonka in the good ol' GTF on Sat morning. Hooray for Gene Wilder, etc. And the uncredited David Seltzer. Apparently Peter Ostrum who played Charlie never made another movie. Fancy that.

Here is an article on "Prisons: First And Last 24 Hours" - an 8-part documentary series produced by STV for Sky1. The first episode airs on Wed 28th October. I was very glad to work on the music for this; well made, grown up TV.

Here is a link to me talking very fast on BBC Radio Scotland's classical music show "Classics Unwrapped" about my involvement with "You Can't Get There From Here". A couple of tracks from my album got a spin:

No picture? Surname incorrectly with spelt with a large 'd'?!
BBC Scotland would be hearing from my solicitor, if I had one.

This evening I got to sit in on Ensemble Thing's rehearsal. Very exciting.

Cerys Matthews paid a nice tribute to Carey Lander on Sunday.

£68k and counting - look.

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