Thursday, 28 July 2016

Time After Time

It's been a wee while.

If you are in Glasgow I recommend a visit to the Water Tower at The Lighthouse sometime. Great views of the city.

I am looking forward to the release of this and this....

I loved this article by Frank Cottrell Boyce and this BBC Imagine doc about the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.

Films I have dug..... *clears throat*


 It's almost a love letter to Europe - you remember Europe...


...a kind of companion piece to Grace Maxwell's book. Bet it looked great on the big screen.

And this:

I was right in the mood for it. It reminded me of Alex Chilton coming to Glasgow one time and recommending the Best Of Chet Baker Sings album.

Alex had recorded - but not yet released - Clichés, which included "Time After Time" among others. There were a few us at Riverside Studios in Glasgow and he held up a cassette and said, "This is my new album". I said, "Wow". He said, "It's yours", and tossed it to me. Chet was cool but so was Alex.

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