Tuesday, 20 September 2016

20th Sept

As I type I can still proclaim that Teenage Fanclub "Here" is a Top 10 album in the UK. Hooray.

Haven't bought it yet? Click 'here' (*chortle*).

Guess what we were up to last week?

On Saturday I took my wee boy to see the filming of a BBC show "The Dog Ate My Homework" (thanks, Hannah). 

At the School Disco section the whole audience had to get up and dance while the cameras whizzed around. Must set my video.

I liked these extracts from John Le Carre's autobiography. Favourite line on his troubled relationship with his father: 

"when we buried the hatchet, we always remembered where we’d put it."

And the hits just keep on coming. I was delighted to be asked to arrange a piece of music for the Decca Classics album "The Lost Songs Of St Kilda". The Scottish Festival Orchestra played, James Macmillan conducted and - only my track - Julie Fowlis recited and sang. The other composers were James Macmillan, Craig Armstrong, Rebecca Dale and C. Duncan. Our arrangements sat alongside solo piano recordings by the late Trevor Morrison. At the moment is sitting at No1 in the Official Classical Artist Albums Chart and on the Classic FM Chart.

Once again (I know!) here is my track with Julie - "Dùn" (Spotify link

Sad but interesting article about Julius Eastman here.

I am going to see this tonight.

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  1. Well done Francis, two top ten albums in a week, business is booming ! All the best - Neil