Monday, 16 January 2017

café au lait... schnitzels...paprika crisps...carajillo...jellied eels

Whoop! TFC are hitting up Europe next month...

Ticket links, etc. here

Loved this. 

Sometimes the right book lands at the right time. Shostakovich - jeez.

I wonder if anyone recommends another Julian Barnes book that I should read?

Amazing film alert...

I'd be surprised if you missed the Sunday Herald Trump Inauguration TV preview from the Sunday Herald written by Damien love (cousin of Gerry) but just in case:

Sherlock didn't tie me in emotional knots or leave me frustrated that there was too much of this and not enough of that - I just lapped it up as great TV.

Quoting from their website "CinemaAttic is the platform for Spanish, Iberian and Latin-American cinema in Scotland." I went along to a screening at the CCA and - ay caramba! - it was great. There was animation from Argentina, a documentary about lesbians in Cuba - but this was my favourite:

Funny and heartbreaking and beautifully shot.

In my experience a lot of short films can manage to feel slow and overlong; a good idea dragged out when a snappier, less heavy-handed approach would be just the ticket. But CinemaAttic seem to have good quality control. I'd head along again on Feb 10th but, as above, it looks like I will be in Copenhagen with a bunch of Fannys...

Approaching 9k plays for this which is amazing...


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