Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Hello. I've got a hunch this blog thing might take off so I've decided to be an early-adapting tastemaker. I think this blog will mainly be about stuff I like.


I like Laura Cantrell. I like her new album "Kitty Wells Dresses" - out now and available at www.lauracantrell.com / amazon / i-tunes / HMV / etc.

I also like this wee Laura Cantrell promo film, shot on the soon-to-be-defunct Flip camera and edited on i-movies:

I released Laura's debut album "Not The Tremblin' Kind" on Shoeshine over 11 (!) years ago. Crazy. I remember being SO EXCITED that I was going to be working with this amazing talent. Queen Of The Coast..The Whiskey Makes You Sweeter....Genius! Great singer, songwriter and person. And now here we are again. Laura tours the UK next month:

ManchesterClub Academy

0161 832 1111

Bristol, St Bonaventure's

0870 4444 4000

Sheffield Memorial Hall

0114 2789 789

Nottingham, The Glee Club

0871 472 0400.

Edinburgh, Pleasance Theatre

0131 220 3234

Gateshead, Old Town Hall

0191 4336965

London, Union Chapel

0131 220 3234

Number 2 - BRAZIL

I like Brazil. I get to go there next month for two shows with Teenage Fanclub. Rio and Sao Paulo. Yay. I played some solo shows in Brazil a few years ago (I know; WTF? etc) and later returned with TFC for a tour. Great people/music/food and these:

Here's a track from Jorge Ben to celebrate (Remind you of any Rod Stewart songs?):

Number 3 - ...

Och that's enough for now.


  1. Woah, Laura's new record sounds wonderful! 11 years on, "The Whiskey Makes You Sweeter" is still one of the greatest songs I've ever heard. Cheers for putting it out!

    smiles, brogues

  2. Nice blog, Nice man!
    Waiting anxiously for you guys to come back. And getting nervous by still not having any information about ticket sales and stuff.
    I'm the one who danced through Abba (I know!) at the Funhouse with you, and got TFC panties to be signed when all of you came to Sao Paulo.
    Hopefully I can have a few beers with you again after the gig.
    By the way, i'd love to arrange that (through facebook? - i'm your friend there. Just look for Flavia Couto). Do you think it's possible?
    Anyway... Good to see a post about Brazil.
    I guess i'll see you here.
    Fla Couto

  3. Hi Francis ... Macca here - will be purchasing Laura Cantrell album next time I swing past Mono - it's got some great reviews and read a nice wee article at the weekend in Scotland on Sunday supplement all about the album and Laura's double life ( ... on Wall Street ! )

    Did you manage to get the Big Star Test Pressing disc ? I was in a Record Store in Tilburg Holland and saw one last weekend if you're still after it ?

    I'm offon a musical tour of the States soon taking in Nashville + New Orleans any chance of giving me a quick heads up on any must see clubs / eateries that you'd recommend from your own experience over there ... that would be grand thanks ...and looking forward to checking your blog


  4. Hello FLA - no idea what our schedule will be like in Brazil so I won't try to make any arrangements - I'll just be going with the flow...MACCA - a pal in Norway sorted me out re. Big Star. I have no up-to-date info or recommendations but I can confidently predict you will have a great time....F

  5. Hey!

    It´s so good that you´re coming back to Brazil. The Nice Man shows were great and the TFC shows were pure magic. I´m sure you´ll love playing in Rio. The venue is really good. And I´m sure you´ll drink better caipirinhas than the one in the video. Make sure to bring some TFC merch.

    The Laura Cantrell albm seems great. Thanks for showing me her music.