Thursday, 5 May 2011

Smartphone betrayal, dizziness, Billy Connolly and political apathy and...zzzzz

I've done it. I've crossed over. I got one of these. BlackBerry served me well. I can't type on this gadget. What was I thinking? Well - I was probably thinking about the apps store, Hipstamatic Cameras and that kind of thing. Gee how shallow and fickle. Any suggestions for good iphone 4 apps - lemmeknow. So far I have not downloaded Angry Birds.

This song came into my head today. Isn't it a beauty?

Billy Connolly once said, "Don't vote - it just encourages them". Well I did vote today, but I can't help thinking Billy has a point....

I contributed a song to this compilation.

Laura Cantrell in Edinburgh tomorrow. Yay.

Brazil next week with Teenage Fanclub. Yay! Here's my favourite Brazilian song:

Right - that's your whack.

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  1. Hi, Francis!! I attended TFC gig last May 11st. What an amazing show!! Hope you all had a great time in Brazil. I guess now you should expanded your knowledge of our music. Hope to see a post of your trip.
    All my best,
    Beth from Sao Paulo
    (the one that met you leaving the studio the day before SP's gig) ;-)