Sunday, 29 May 2011

Thomas Muir, Dick Gaughan, Allen Ginsberg, Renaldo and Clara

I was roped in to a gig as part of the Thomas Muir festival in Bishopbriggs last night at the lovely Fort Theatre. The great (and very personable) Dick Gaughan headlined. I have a lot to learn about Muir but Adam McNaughton's song, as performed by Gaughan to a mid-set standing ovation, is a good starting place.

Today I saw Bob Dylan's four hour cinematic offering "Renaldo & Clara" at Glasgow's beloved GFT. A rare showing on the big screen and I had the best seat in the house. I loved it. 1 or 2 folk walked out (it was not reviewed favourably on release). But I think it is a wonderful, dense roller-coaster ride, laced with sly, warm humour. Much cool footage. Great editing. Allen Ginsberg struck me as a good sport. And the music....

No Bob Dylan in the next blog - I promise (it's hard to type with your fingers crossed behind your back).

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