Monday, 12 January 2015

Lee Remick (she's a darling)

This is my favourite Go-Betweens album

Teenage Fanclub played some shows with them in Spain around its release in 2001 and I had a kind of epiphany. I hadn't quite picked up on them before. What a twit. Now I loved them.

A little later I was asked to play drums with some music pals - Sushil Dade (bass), John Hogarty (guitar) and Finlay Macdonald (keyboards) - to back Robert Forster on some songs at a show in Glasgow; the old 13th Note Club down by The Clyde. Cue me being very excited and chuffed.

Well....John H just posted some recordings from that show on-line. I hadn't heard any of it in over 14 years.

Hear we are having a bash at "Lee Remick".

TFC played some more shows with The Go-Betweens in Spain in 2006. The last of the run in Bilbao was particularly amazing. Robert's exit from the stage up the sweeping stairs of the venue while the band played out (I'm gonna go up those stairs"...) was camp and wonderful. After the show Grant McLennan made us all a cocktail of his own devising.  A "Go-Between".

When Grant died a matter of weeks later I was asked to write an appreciation by The Herald newspaper in Glasgow.

So very sad. But the music lives on.

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