Saturday, 20 February 2016

Baloney Feb 2016

So yay for Deutschland '83. All the way through the second last episode I was thinking "this feels" like the finale. Turns out it was the last episode. Whoops. Bring on the Deutschland '86..

Digging Happy Valley now. Great writing and Sarah Lancashire is brilliant.

I crossed another Paolo Sorrentino film off my list. Two thumbs up for this:

Over 2.5k plays for this ditty:

Album available here...

I pitched music for an ITV pilot and looks like I'm in. I'll keep my eyes crossed that things move forward ("We love it - it's commissioned - just get another composer...." *ahem*)

In Teenage Fanclub News - I'll plead The Fifth. And no that's not a clue or anything.

Right that's me.

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