Monday, 1 February 2016


A while ago I saw The Great Beauty. I knew nothing about it beforehand and I sat there in the cinema drinking it up and loving it. I saw Paolo Sorrentini's follow up at the good ol' GFT on Saturday and I loved that too - the music, the cinematography, the editing - the whole shebang...

Meanwhile I am still digging War And Peace.

And I have just seen the first episode of Deutschland 83: I'm in.

This week I'm guest-drumming with Snowgoose at their show in Edinburgh. Wish me luck.

Last Wed I saw Teddy Thompson at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Best Heckle award goes to the chap behind me who, when TT referred to Glasgow being possible the wittiest audience in the world, quoth the riposte "What do you mean 'possibly'?!" Twas a nice show. Teddy has a voice. And his song about family at the end was quite something. I believe his mum was in the audience.

On Fri I was back for another Celtic Connections show: The Transatlantic Sessions featuring my pal John Mccusker on the fiddle. He's been on the fiddle as long as I've know him...

(OK that's enough - settle down.)

Celtic Connections festival is one of the best things about Glasgow.

Before I go, I recommend this:

David Hayman, Karine Polwart and a great short film called Nae Pasaran + more. See you there...

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