Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Return Of Laura Cantrell

Psst....Make sure you have the brand new Laura Cantrell vinyl LPs "Laura Cantrell At The BBC" and "Not The Trembling' Kind" (first time on vinyl) on your shopping list for Record Store Day...

Laura tours the UK very soon. Live dates here.

So if you want a dreadful family holiday with bad food and terrible weather, don't go to Gran Canaria.

A cafe con leche and an ensaimada last week

While I was away Gideon Coe played "3 4 5" from this album on his 6music show. So yay for that.

Last night I saw this:

Powerful. Great performances. The trouble with going to see a film like this on your Jack Jones is that you can't discuss any ambiguities or interpretations with your fellow viewer. But it was V.G. After Rust And Bone I reckon I'd watch anything directed by Jacques Audiard

Just got my PRS statement. What fun to see that a Xmas song I wrote for a production library CD a couple of year ago popped up in an episode of Coronation Street in December last year. That's the holiday in Gran Canaria paid for. (Just kidding...)

Great to see some L-U-V for TFC. Shows should out quickly. Come September let's hope we can remember how to play our instruments.

I enjoyed the Red Note Ensemble's event at the Hug And Pint last night. Thanks to John Cage, I'll never look at one of these...

...the same way again.

I am working on a musical project that I can't tell you about, but it's not all that often that I get to arrange for 20-piece strings & harp. Hashtag mysterious.

Toodle Pip, as John Cage might write.

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