Thursday, 21 April 2016


For the first 10 minutes or so I thought I might get a headache. By the end as I was walking out of the cinema part of me felt I was still in the film (it probably helped that there were a couple of policeman standing in the street). And a couple of days later I keep thinking about it. "Victoria" is pretty my humble opinion. First time I have noticed a cameraman (rightly) getting first credit at the end of a film.

"Tales From My PRS Statement Part 2" ... Ages ago I recorded an instrumental ditty on my 4-track which ended up on a BMX Bandits album. For want of a better title I called it Evel Knievel. Well, it seems it pops up in a TV show programme called "When Richard Hammond Met Evel Knievel". Too crazy.

Remember the amazing Laura Cantrell tours the UK soon:
I've spent a good deal of the last wee while arranging something for 20-piece string orchestra and harp which is something I don't get to type very often. More specific boasting about that soon.

Sad about Victoria Wood. Sad about Prince.

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