Sunday, 7 August 2016

Potatoes And Molasses

I saw "Over The Garden Wall" recommended by Graham Linehan on Twitter. 5 episodes in I can vouch that it's creepily fun family viewing...

Apropos of nothing, I like the look that Henri Dutilleux is rocking in this picture:

I enjoyed the Merchant City Festival panel chat about album artwork on Friday, sponsored by the good folks at Glasgow Music City Tours. I was reminded that I used to pore over this when I was nine years old...

I picked up a pair of these for £3 at Tiger in Glasgow:

Anyone recommend a good VR app?

Six new contestants on Cash Trapped this week. I'll miss Es.

I got an email from young Polish boy praising the music. Good for my fragile ego while half of Twitter demand to know what happened to The Chase...

Onwards and sideways.

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