Monday, 29 August 2016

Sempre Libra

Last night I saw La Traviata performed by Opera Bohemia in a church in Glasgow (same company and venue as my first opera experience a few years ago) - which was nice. Love it when they belt out those arias. I wonder if Verdi ever imagined there would be amateur productions in Scottish suburban churches 170 years after its debut? Maybe he did.

I was glad to get to work on the music for "The Fade", a new documentary feature by director Andy Mundy-Castle.

There's a wee article here.

I liked director Hamy Abu-Assad's "Omar"when I saw it a couple of years ago.  I didn't know what to expect of The Idol but I dug it. A lot.

On a whim I gave this a go:

Not sure why. Maybe something to do with Grand Budapest Hotel and Youth. I dunno. Anyway I grooved to its atmospheric setting and clipped wit:

"Reciprocity was a state unknown to Mrs Pusey, whose imperative need for social dominance, once assured by her beauty and the mute presence of an adoring husband, had now to be enforced by more brutal means."

What else? Both Tom Hanks and Zaha Hadid were a good listen on Desert Island Discs podcasts - ideal soundtracks for cycling around Glasgow.

I am also up for a bowl of this - and not just for the better-late-than-never explanation of a pun which must have passed me be throughout Breaking Bad: 'S'all good, man....

Next Friday in Glasgow New Music Scotland is hosting a day of Networking And Discussion. I am sure glad I popped along to one a couple of years ago; I've met some good people and had some great experiences. And you don't have to have studied at a conservatory in order to be welcomed.

Meanwhile the first of several Teenage Fanclub gigs kicks off in Bristol this Saturday. Have you ordered the new album yet?

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