Friday, 14 October 2016

Back In the USA

So TFC are back in the USA.
t-shirt made in Honduras
We played Toronto a couple of nights ago. 

Fun gig. Sold all our t-shirts. I met up with my long lost cousin and her daughter which was a bonus. They treated me to dinner which was another bonus. Grilled salmon and steam whistle beer. (Ah, I can still taste it. Must brush my teeth.)

Yesterday, as I type, TFC drove down into the US for the schlep to DC, fortified by a Primanti Brothers sandwiches pit stop. 

Today I promenaded in the fresh sunshine to the Trump International HQ 2017 (just kidding).

Strolling past the Whitehouse I passed a cheery-looking pilgrim burdened by a huge wooden crucifix. Only later did it occur to me to ask if Jesus had accessorised his one with a US flag and some roller-skates on the bottom to aid transportation. L'esprit de l'escaliers.

I also passed a stout chap sporting a POLITICAL CORRECTNESS OFFENDS ME t-shirt. A lesser man might have asked if this meant he'd like to be referred to as 'fat'. But not me.

After the Washington Monument I had a peek in the White House souvenir shop.

The Donald's lost some weight.

Then tasty tacos from a van in Farragut Square.

Roll on DC gig tonight.

Meanwhile here is a new Teenage Fanclub video:

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