Thursday, 20 October 2016

Hello Cleveland

America continues 'to rock'.

How great to be back in NY: not just to catch up with music pals like Laura Cantrell and Michael Shelley and the nicest bassist in the world (just ask Ronnie Spector) Jeremy Chatzky; or indeed to have Ira Kaplan jump onstage for a jam...

...but because of Junior's Cheescake.

And because when riding the NY subway stuff like this happens:

Boston and Philly shows were fun. Great to meet Princeton professor of music (and pal of Norman's) Dmitri Tymoczko

Beautiful Autumn whizzes by

Blakey's back onstage in Boston
A flight of beers in Philadelphia chosen for me by the grandson* of the man whose label, Swan Records, released "She Loves You In" the US? Och, I don't...

 Oh, OK.

 This was a groovy diner...

Window shopping in Cleveland...

Tempted - but those trousers would be wasted behind a drum kit
Splendid grub on West 6th St.
What else? My big sister's shortbread has been popular in the tour van. And now I'm off to get some brunch.

Cleveland just made the World Series. Might help make for a fun time at tonight's show...

Keep in touch.

 *(Jim from Taggart. Not that Taggart - it's a band)

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