Thursday, 3 November 2016

It's November

Farewell, October.

The rest of TFC's US tour was FUN x 3.

Nice to meet Tom Strong artist Chris Sprouse in Cleveland.

...and to meet Kim Fowley's producer Matthew Smith in Detroit.

Sam Evian were great to tour with...

I didn't manage to visit Taco Bell and no one ever said, "You betcha", to me even once. But other than that America did not disappoint.

A set list
Didn't taste this
Political activism in Madison, Wisconsin
Korean food in Madison, Wisconsin
High Noon Saloon
Some clown in our dressing room
State Capitol, Madison
We called by the old 'hood in Chicago for tacos - it was closed...
...this wasn't. (#yum)
Not Starbucks
An American tree
Another one
The best shrimp linguine in Ferndale, Michigan.
An LP I didn't buy
Add your own caption
Accidental photography
More American leaves
Nice sign.
Sam Evian
Pride of Brooklyn
Pride of Canada

Hallowe'en was fine - the scariest thing about it was my ukulele playing but let's not get into that.

I am looking forward to the BAFTA Scotland Awards this Sunday.

Erm, that's it.

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