Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Peter Capaldi For President

The wonderful Jackie Kay tweeted that her 86 year-old lifelong socialist mum said: 'don't let Trump spoil your birthday love he's not worth it'.

On Sunday I went to the BAFTA Scotland Awards. It was a great night and not just because Stephen Bennett's wonderful "Dunblane: Our Story" (for which I provided the music) won an award:

Me trying to steal Stephen's BAFTA before jumping in a taxi and cackling off into the night.

...but also because when I met Dr. Who and told him about my pal Gavin and his son Rob who are both huge fans, the following occurred:

I'm enjoying Transparent, looking forward to TFC's UK tour kicking off next week and preparing to do some interesting recording which I will prattle on about in due course....

This piano piece reminds me of TFC's recent US tour - I listened to it a few times as we drove between east coast cities, taking in the the colours of Autumn.

If you get the chance to see "Loving" I recommend you do.

Over and out.

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