Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Hello Portsmouth

First off I am *delighted* that BBC Loops made a (very) short film about my next music project. Who cares if they can't spell "Macdonald". Feel free to share...

So. TFC's Winter tour of UK/Ireland kicked off in Inverness.

Nice to catch up with family and to see Julie Fowlis and Edwyn Collins - both on great form.

Amazing gaelic singer alert.
(Julie sang on my piece on "The Lost Songs Of St Kilda", of course.)

Then it was on to play for the good people of Whitley Bay (From Inverness to Whitley Bay - is that a Mark Knopfler lyric?), which reminds me; I am working on a new song to the tune of Charlie Pride's Crystal Chandeliers:
"Who leaves an overhead chandelier light on,At ten past twelve in Whitley Bay...?"
Might give Norman a co-writing credit.
The finest fish & chips in Whitley Bay
Roker Beach where Lowry used to paint apparently.

Thence to Sheffield. Nice people. Fun show. Reassuringly adequate Wagamama.

In Manchester I paid a wee visit to the Lowry gallery.

A day off in Leeds = Nando's and Strictly.

Next day, a few hours before soundcheck, I took the train to the Salts Mill, Saltaire. Beautiful environment, Lots of David Hockney gubbins. I think my favourite part was the constantly changing display of iPhone/ipad drawings that he had sent to pals.

Get Well Soon Card
iPad pictures - the arrival of Spring 
'Tennis' was faxed to the gallery by David H in LA and pinned to the board one page at a time.
(He still never blinkin' wrote back about this but!)

Norwich rocked. Here is a sample of our post gig dressing room listening:

London rocked. We gave this song a bash for the first time:

Pam Hogg told me to "F*** off" in when I kidded her that her beautiful coat was a bit Showaddywaddy (ah, banter), and Harry Pye presented me with a new pair of socks.

Portsmouth tonight.

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Keep on dancing'...

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