Thursday, 1 December 2016

From Portsmouth to Cambridge

Overheard in a hotel lift in Birmingham:

"I've got duvets coming out my ears."

Teenage Fanclub Winter exploits continue. Good to be playing again.

In Portsmouth me and Norman visited the HMS Victory and Mary Rose exhibitions. Both brilliant.
Decided not to climb this.
Felled by a French musket.
Unlike in the movies apparently up to 8 or more men had to help steer the ship.
Below decks.
The Mary Rose Exhibition is amazing - this snap doesn't quite do it justice *cough*
A lovely Iranian woman in this shop (below) melted my heart when she saw my plastic laundry bag was ready to fall apart and she produced a sturdy replacement. Wee unprovoked acts of human kindness can be balm to the soul.

Meatball panini made with love.
Portsmouth show was splendid, then we scooted off to Brighton.

Best ever photo taken of Brighton Beach.
A Brighton landmark that I don't know the name of
I believe we debuted "The First Sight" from the new album in Brighton. Our excellent distributors Republic Of Music were out in force. They tempted us to a tapas lunch the following day off - which led to...

One more pint of Ghost Ship and I'd've been under the host. Much to his likely consternation.
Some Santas on a racecourse.

Birmingham rocked. And so did my balti in this curry house.

(King shrimp if you must know)
Then on to Cardiff. I've been playing wth TFC since 2000 and I don't think we've been to Wales in that time, though I did play the old Barfly with Laura Cantrell many moons ago.

Somedae canna spell Ronald.
Some Welsh butter a few days ago.
Onward to Nottingham. Great Monday night audience. And the Wagama katsu curry wasn't the worst.

This Brian Clough photo was not taken at our show.
Then...Bristol, where we kicked off our most recent bout of activity on the 3rd of September. Nice to be back.

(En route I watched this amazing doc about Fair Isle in Scotland. Recommended.)

We came on for a second encore but everyone had left.
"Oh the Bristol chandeliers..." - och please yourself.
Splendid mash. Didn't spot any emu burger sausages.
Bristol was another fine show with a lovely audience. Only regret was not getting to visit the Bernie Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Cambridge show last night was dandy. Nice to see former TFC sticks man Brendan O' Hare along at the gig. If he was thinking, "I wouldn't have put that fill there", he was too polite to say; just full of compliments and kind words.

Norman's back in Cambridge
In other news...

The Rogue Orchestra asked me to write something for them. More in good time.

And my 15 second harp piece was performed as part of a recital-lecture in Southampton the other day. Here it is again:

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  1. Brighton audience are the object of considerable envy across the Atlantic and emanating from me at this moment; "The First Sight" is a masterpiece on a masterpiece. Love the photographic record here & this is fantastic, Fran. Congrats also on your new commission!!! God bless, my brilliant friend...

    _Richie English_