Monday, 26 December 2016

Boxing Day Blues

I hope anyone reading this had a nice/happy/merry christmas.

I got a Billy Connolly DVD, a ticket to see Scottish Opera's production of Philip Glass's "The Trial" - and this. So I'm happy.

Me and my wee girl had a kitchen dance to...

It seemed an appropriate tribute; celebrating a talent for button-pushin' bullseye-seekin' pop. From what I've been reading about George Michael it seems he had a big heart. And his music sure entertained a LOT of people.

While we're at it, this came on the radio and I was struck by how integral the tambourine part is...

Norman B tweeted thus. RIP, Rick.

What a year.

I loved the Christmas Eve programme dedicated to Alan Bennett's Diaries on BBC Two.

I'm looking forward to Inside No 9 - The Devil Of Christmas, and the new series of Sherlock.

And finally, Esther: take it or leave it but here's my tip for two hours of stonkin' cinema...

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