Sunday, 12 February 2017


First of all, a reminder that if you like this:

...or this: can pre-order the new album here.

Here is a fun video.

The Teenage Fanclub bandwagon rolls on. Here is the view from my bunk on the tour bus:

Berlin venue
"O would some power the gift to gie us..."
" see ourselves as others see us."

Monkey Lightstand, Berlin.
"I hear you do good schnitzels here. Hmm? Oh you're a hairdressers..."
"Short back and sides, please. I'll put gel in it myself later."
Job done. Auf wiedersehen!
When in Rome and all that... *burp*
Schnitzel + excellent wine glass, Hamburg.
Hamburg venue.
Stairs onto the stage in HAMBURG.
Copenhagen venue.
Exotic crisps.
Danish baking...
Downing tools in Copenhagen (I didn't get a photo of our stage dancer...)
Tour bus view.
Window shopping, Bergen.
Norwegian fish & chips?
Pre-soundcheck, Bergen.
And now: I am reading "The Diving-Bell & The Butterfly" and trying to overdose on crisps.

Tonight should be fun.


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