Tuesday, 28 February 2017

When the tour bus takes off down the l'autoroute without you...

...keep smiling. Here endeth the lesson.

First of all - yay that this has over 3k plays:

Second - don't come crying to me when is sold out...

Pre-order links here.

Third - I am glad to be involved in this:

Now, where were we?

After brilliant Helsinki, Teenage Fanclub forged on to Cologne (where I was reminded that I played a random solo gig in The Blue Shell, many moons ago).

We sold out of gig tickets...

And tapes...
Cute, huh? And the wee cassette's nice too.
Post gig K├Âlsch in Cologne.

Then we were off to Switzerland.

Vadian! (*googles Vadian*)
Loved this venue - a wee converted cinema.
Guitar George Borowski opened for us here and did a fine job.
Cheeky wee Swiss number - good for what ails you apparently.

Un- *burp* - Untitled.
Bologna venue was near the  church tower. The Franciscan Friars left Teenage Fanclub a welcome note in the dressing room.
Tiramisu in Bologna (not as nice as mine when I'm on form - by the way).

Zaragoza tapas
Window shopping. One for my Christmas List if Santa is reading...
Untitled, Zaragoza
Didn't know she lived here
Nice city to reflect on.
Caesar hails a taxi.
They do one tapas here - but they do it deliciously well.
Sweet? Savoury? Och, both.
More Zaragoza window shopping.
Before Madrid soundcheck I zipped off to the Prado to look at Las Meninas.

I snapped a wee bit of Goya before getting a row.
Bridge, Madrid.
Que pasa, Tio?
Paella con arroz negra, Madrid. All done with squid ink apparently.
"So I said to him I said - I wouldn't pay that if I were you..."
Building, Bilbao.
I managed to grab an hour in the Guggenheim - which was amazing.
After Bilbao - where the audience were loco in a good way - we drove through the night to St. Mallo for cidre et galettes - and a gig at La Route Du Rock festival.

Cidre et galettes
Then on to London where I hooked up with some pals including Harry Pye who gave me a signed David Hockney book.

Me and him.
Norman's back in London.
Me and Paul blinkin' Cook!
So, I've eaten the best crisps in the world (Oslo) and reindeer sausage (Helsinki); visited the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam), the Prado (Madrid) and the Guggenheim (Bilbao); and shaken hands with a real live Sex Pistol (London!).

Teenage Fanclub have played for some stonkin' audiences (1800 full-voiced Madrilenos was one of several highlights) and met some great people. Next stop - Japan.

Meanwhile I am reading this:

It's not exactly a rib-tickler but the chapter A Portait Of Manoug had me chortling out loud.

In other news, some of my music popped up in this, and the rugby documentary Building Jerusalem for which I provided the soundtrack is now on Netflix.

Now - did I mention that my album with Harry Pye Bonjour can be pre-ordered here?

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