Thursday, 16 March 2017

"Australia, Australia, Australia, we love you. Amen!"


Teenage Fanclub moseyed on down (under) to the land of flat whites and smashed avo.

Brisbane, Sydney (Toronga Zoo!), Golden Plains festival in Meredith and two shows in Melbourne.

Fun shows, great audiences. Again.

V. cool to be playing our rendition of this song, especially in Brisbane.

I caught up with family (nice food, laundry/taxi service, Chopin piano recital!).

I ate more barramundi than you can shake a didgeridoo at.

I shot a kangaroo (just kidding).

I visited the National Arts Galleries of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, catching great exhibitions by David Hockney (who can make an iPad drawing of an iPad charger look soulful):

...and the "Before Pop" Andy Warhol:

... along with work by some other interesting characters...

I learned that Andy Warhol's mum's beautiful handwriting adorns the award-winning cover of a Moondog album.

On the last night in Melbourne when our excellent guitar tech came onstage to pass Norman a guitar some 'wag' shouted, "Is that your dad?". George's riposte made my night:

"I could be YOUR dad."

My preferred heckler kept yelling for "About You"at the first show in Brisbane. After we played it a voice called out, "I'll shut up now."

Think I'll stick to breadths.
Thank you, Brisbane.
View of Brisbane from my hired bike.

A giraffe last week.
Teenage Go-Between Fanclub

LA's that way...

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