Wednesday, 26 April 2017

One of the groovier things to happen to me lately...

So Tucker Martine did a great job producing the last Camera Obscura album "Desire Lines".

A few months ago on Wikipedia I discovered that Tucker's father wrote my favourite Elvis song. (!!!)

Here is an article from a couple of years ago (scroll halfway down) where you can see what I had to say about the song. (Harry Pye had asked me to write something about Elvis).

Here is a lovely wee piece about Layng Martine writing "Way Down" and Elvis recording it.

Earlier this year I played in Portland with Teenage Fnclub and invited Tucker along. We didn't meet up because he had an early start the next day but he sent me a nice text saying he had enjoyed the show.

Today I received something in the post...

How groovy is that?

Thank you, Layng, and thank you, Tucker!

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