Thursday, 1 June 2017

I Heart Europe

Oh - hello. I didn't see you there!

As I type Teenage Fanclub are about to head off to play festival and club shows in Spain, France and Portugal. I picked the wrong week to give up paella, cheese and custard tarts. Queso sera...

We had fun at the CCA earlier this week.

Norman even tuned up for the occasion:

I recommend this:

...and this (you don't have to like football or support 'the hoops' to enjoy it).

Here's a wee poem you might enjoy.

Remember my album with Harry Pye - "Bonjour" - is released on Shoeshine in UK/Europe on 6th July:

Pre-order it here.

Irivne Welsh has some succinct voting advice.

...à bientôt!

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