Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Songwriting Class Begins

As I type I am getting ready to start teaching a 10-week block of evening classes in Songwriting at Glasgow Uni, kicking off THURSDAY 26th Sept, 7pm.  More info here.

I can highly recommend "The Farewell". Awkwafina is brilliant.

I'm still on The Couch To 5k. Week 6. Ran 25 minutes today. When is it you actually start losing weight by the way? Here is my current running playlist. Shuffle Play naturally. (Hope the music snobs approve.)

When this is all done I look forward to doing the 5k To Couch.

I've been asked to work on the music for a wonderful new TV doc. Can't say anymore at the moment. Need to keep it under my hat. Next to my marmalade sandwich.

Toodle pip.

PS: Three cheers for Joanna Cherry.

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