Thursday, 19 March 2015

David Hockney and Jackie Brambles

This week I...

Recorded some tambourine, egg shaker and backing vocals for Teenage Fanclub. Yes we are still working on the album and no it is not going to be called Boyhood.

Made a new video for "September Weekend", a track from my instrumental album Music For String, Quartet, Piano & Celeste.

Was asked to do music for a new TV project which I can't talk about and it's - d'oh!

Watched House Of Fools and a very good David Hockney* doc and a Hungarian film with loads of dogs.

Got bought a drink by Jackie Brambles (she didn't just buy one for me but it sounds more enigmatic if I don't elaborate. )

Had a couple of play of this from Classic FM.

Next week I..

I believe I am going to be a guest on the BBC Radio Scotland Culture Studio with Janice Forsyth on Fri 27th March blethering abut my new album. Did I mention my new album?


And I believe BBC Radio Scotland's Classic Unwrapped is going to play some of my new music on Sunday 22nd March between 9pm and 11pm.



*(I wonder if he ever got the album I sent him?)

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