Saturday, 28 March 2015

Nae Pasaran

On Friday I attended a ceremony at Glasgow City Chambers to honour the actions of trade unionists in East Kilbride in 1974. Engineers John Keenan, Robert Somerville and Bob Fulton, along with their colleagues, refused to work on Rolls Royce aircraft engines that were to be serviced for the military dictatorship in Chile. I was in attendance to watch these men receive the highest honour that the Chilean government can bestow on a foreign citizen. Robert, Bob and John were shown a film of messages of thanks and appreciation from citizens of Chile. Then they each gave short, modest speeches. Moments like this can restore your faith in humanity. Here is the kickstarter page for the planned feature film.

In other news:

Here is a short film with some Glasgow music folks talking about Alex Chilton's relationship with the city.

And in other news:

Here is my interview with Janice Forsyth on BBC Scotland. I am blethering about my new album "Music For String Quartet, Piano And Celeste".

The Herald gave my album a nice review mentioning "a given gift for melody" - so yay.

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