Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Monkey Thinks God Is A Banana

Domestic religious discussion. Six year-old son is talking about sharing his pal's god. This is probably more a ploy to do with trying to share his X-Box. Meanwhile five year-old daughter wants to know what 'god' is. Jeez. I mean golly. I venture that some people believe in God and think of him as a friendly ghost. For others he exists but only in their mind. But lots of people don't think he is real at all. Five year-old daughter declares, "Monkey thinks god is a banana."

Monkey yesterday
In other news, "Music For String Quartet, Piano And Celeste" has had some plays on Classic FM, RTE Lyric FM (thanks John Kelly) and BBC Radio Scotland's "Classics Unwrapped" (Listen here.)

The Herald also ran a positive review so it's official: I have a "given gift for melody".

*breathes on nails, brushes them on lapels - or place on cardigan where lapels would be*

You can order CDs and LPs (white vinyl, limited run) here.

Oh, and i-tunes link here.

Fare thee well and may your banana go with you.


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