Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The day I met Bob Dylan...

 ...April Fool!

Every year when I was wee my late mum used to say, "There's a big black dog in the garden!" and I would run to the window. Suckered again. I tried it on my 6 year-old today. His reaction: "You said that last year".
In other news, the "Music For String Quartet, Piano & Celeste" bandwagon rumbles on.

I scaled the heady heights of #11 on the i-tunes Classical Charts for a bit this week...there have been more plays from Classic FM and Jarvis Cocker on BBC6 music and from both John Kelly on Lyre FM and Kelly-Anne Byrne at TXFM Dublin in Ireland...The Scotsman described "Music For String Quartet, Piano And Celeste" as "fine and beautiful"...and the lovely Janice Forsyth had me on her BBC Scotland Culture Studio show and made my interview one of her podcast highlights. Click and download to hear a Scottish man fail to take a compliment in his stride.

Makes you want to buy it, right? Well, here come some links:

Signed CD/LPS

7 Digital




Before I go - I saw two good docs this week: "Pantani - The Accidental Death Of A Cyclist" and, on BBC's Storyville, "My Mother The Secret Baby".



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