Monday, 13 April 2015

Book recommendation an' that

So I've been digging this.

Nearly finished. Don't want to get to the end just yet. It's funny and charming and evocative. Takes me back and I wasn't even there. It's good to get a book that you go through like a hot knife through butter.

This was a brilliant piece of telly I caught up with last week:

The more I think I about the speech I gave at the BAFTA Scotland New Talent Awards last week (I was presenting for Composer) the more I wonder if I actually said it - or was it maybe just an anxiety dream? O well. Done now.

Oh! I'll be singing a couple of songs at the Bare Facts event at Cottier Theatre, Glasgow on 30th April. I'll be chuffed to share the bill with the amazing Kathleen MacInnes.

 Nearly managed to get through a blog without mentioning this.

 This is a groove.


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