Friday, 17 April 2015

Some reactions so far..

And here is my interview with the lovely John Toal on BBC Ulster.

All this kind of makes you want to buy it, huh?

Oh - new Camera Obscura dates here.

I saw half of Force Majeure in the cinema. I was lapping it up. Then the screen went dark. And the dialogue continued. Then we waited. Then it restarted. But without subtitles. Then I went home. O well. Some other time.

I have started into Fran├žoise Gilot's "Life with Picasso", purchased on a stag weekend (not mine) in St. Andrews. As you do. How nice to walk into a pleasant bookshop and buy a book. (What year is it anyway?) I've fancied reading this since learning that it made Suze Rotolo reconsider her relationship with Bob Dylan. So far Picasso has suggested that Gilot live in his attic cut off from the world so she can be his secret. And they have both visited Gertrude Stein who seems to be a right barrel of laughs.

 What else? Working on music for my own secret things.

And - I am singing a couple of songs at Cottier Theatre on Thur 30th April for the Bare Facts event.

And on that note.... Tara for now.

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