Friday, 17 April 2015

Kurt Cobain, Philip Glass and Mung Beans

I saw the new Kurt Cobain doc in the cinema this week (thanks, BAFTA Scotland). Powerful and engaging. I felt I got an insight into how troubled Cobain was and how his music was so necessary to him. When Nirvana played the QM in Glasgow with Captain America and Shonen Knife I managed to be in the dressing room after the show but I didn't have any meaningful interaction with anyone (there goes that book I was going to write...). I have a vague memory of Kurt Cobain saying to Norman Blake that Teenage Fanclub should play show shows with Nirvana and they did. Unfortunately I wasn't in TFC at the time. When Molly's Lips came on in the cinema it sounded particularly rocking. Which reminds me:

I've got a ticket to see Philip Glass's "Music In 12 Parts" in Glasgow next month. Should be quite an experience. As I previously tweeted, my 6 year-old's reaction to the CD was, "I like this music... It's like a miracle happening and a robot dancing for it". Here's one of his first pieces I spent time with.

*cough* Back to my album "Music For String Quartet, Piano And Celeste".

Here's an interview I did for Tom Dunne on his show for Irish radio station NewsTalk.

Oh, so - what have Teenage Fanclub, Camera Obscura, Laura Cantrell, The Vaselines and Coronation Street got in common? Clash magazine asked me to explain in this amazing interview

Anyone got any good recipes for mung beans?

Oh and before I go - this.... (come on!)

PS - remember, a vinyl LP isn't just for Record Store Day - it's for Christmas too.

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