Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Ghent and Kelpie

Here is a live rendition of Ghent  a piece which appears on "Music For String Quartet Piano And Celeste") performed by The Cairn String Quartet. And here is a photo of them soundchecking (while I stood on the piano stool to take the photo):

It was recorded in the foyer of BBC Scotland, Pacific Quay, Glasgow last Friday for Bryan Burnett's show. Thanks, Bryan.

If you live in Glasgow and fancy a wander through the Botanic Gardens you'll likely spot a couple of these:

Beautiful. And just a fraction of the size of the main event through in Falkirk.

I have been busy making music for film and TV projects recently. I appreciate the chance to work with Stephen Bennett once again (he produced and directed "Commonwealth City" for BBC last year). Stephen is directing the documentary "One Morning In March'.

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