Monday, 6 July 2015

Laura Cantrell

As I type I am about to head off to Spain (best country in the world?) for two shows with Laura Cantrrell.

I well remember, many moons ago, producer Jay Sherman-Godfrey passing through Glasgow and giving me a CDR with four songs: Two Seconds, Not The Tremblin Kind,Churches Off The Interstate and Queen Of The Coast (!!)- and telling me to be sure and give it a couple of listens.

Well, I proceeded to mutate into the raving Laura Cantrell fan that I have been ever since; leaving enthusiastic messages on her NY answering machine in my unapologetic Glaswegian brogue telling her to push on and finish an album that I would release. Laura indulged me.

The resultant debut "Not The Trembling Kind" was a thing of wonder. Laura's take on Amy Allison's "The Whiskey Makes You Sweeter" being just one of many highlights.

Getting Laura over for shows from early 2000 onwards and helping to build up awareness sure was exciting.

 Think of all the music that the late great, highly esteemed broadcaster John Peel must have consumed and had pushed on him in his time. And yet he sent me this postcard in anticipation of what ended up being Laura's second album "When The Roses Bloom Again":

"This is the 14th copy of this (Laura Cantrell) LP I've bought. 12 have gone to friends, 1 is in my car, this is a spare. When are we going to get some new stuff? John"

All these years later I am still a fan. And a pal.


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