Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Lee Miller and Sound

The Lee Miller and Picasso exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery was recommended to me so I had a look - and I was glad I did.

Maybe it's parenthood, and also knowing, from Francoise Gilot's book, how dreadful Picasso was with some people (friends, lovers, the mother of his children; that kind of thing), but this was my favourite picture:

I also liked Paul Strand's photos from South Uist.

I am working on a co-composition for Aberdeen's Sound Festival along with fellow composers Drew Hammon, John De Simone, Sonia Allori, Colin Broom and Oliver Searle. It's a kind of pass-the-parcel trust exercise. Everyone starts a piece then passes it along. Eventually we all will have had a hand in all six compositions and it will be premiered by Ensemble Thing at Sound on 24th October. The Herald ran a wee piece on it here....  - I am loving the experience so far.

Tinkety-tonk, old fruit.

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