Saturday, 29 August 2015


Here comes a French review - posted on and *automatically translated* by Facebook - of my album "Music For String Quartet, Piano And Celeste" written by one Olivier Henry:

FRANCIS MACDONALD – Music For String Quartet, Piano And Celeste – CD – 2015 TR7

I'm not a patron of classical music and I don't know actually not much. Probably more due to lack of time and need to make choices that by a real lack of interest. The Proof is that a long time ago, when some of the artists that I am regularly are engaged in a more classic, I also launches; I think of the orphan or Sylvain Chauveau for example. Some like the database discogs call it "Neo-classical"; Just for fun, I was thinking we could call it "Post-Classic"....

Latest, also the discreet that brilliant Francis Macdonald who hangs out his spats for a very long time in the heart of the scene of Glasgow, influential member of bmx bandits in their infancy, now drummer of teenage fanclub; a CV as long as your arm and a Perfect head of anti-Popstar, anything to please me. This exercise is not entirely new to him because he has already worked on this format with Max Richter and he composed regularly to illustrate films and documentaries for the BBC or stv and the question, perhaps illegitimate, I've been asking Was whether it was really of classical music. You'll tell me, who cares as long as it's good; but I wonder when even what would the ayatollah of the passionate lover, with their house and their auditorium full gramofon deutsch. On the form, to see. Yes, because "Music For String Quartet, piano and Celeste" bears his name as an identity card tattoo on the forehead: it is here only issue of string quartet, piano and Celeste, an instrument extra-ordinary halfway Between the piano and the glockenspiel that bears his name to wonder in view of the purity of its sounds. Anyway, we're in the living room, not far from the chamber music. Not because of its course pop-Rock, Francis Macdonald guard here the habits of composition which do not stick by necessarily to the so-called "Classical music"; So, the album is a succession of 11 titles ranging from 1'50 to 6'20, often built like a pop songs verses-Chorus. In substance, I have simply not the codes to say whether or not the writing of Macdonald reveals a talent worthy of the greatest composers. And I imagine these music lovers, sometimes patronising, listen to high all these coins in there seeing that of erzatz.

So much for them. Me, without these codes, I enjoy to envy these beautiful instrumental very suggestive, film, without doubt, the influence of this sub-genre that would be the soundtrack of movie or documentary. Invariably, I think so to Michael Nyman even to Yann Tiersen, I see pictures of campaigns of the Scottish borders (" Ghent "), A hot air balloon flying over the highlands (" Sunday 1 ") Or a trawler leaving the port of Muir of ORD (the wonderful "20 sep").

"Music For String Quartet, piano and Celeste" is maybe a recreation in the career of a musician best known for his investment in the Scottish pop, whatever. It is especially a great moment of peace and fullness, a musical divagation culminate who manages to carry me in his universe, exactly what I expected.
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